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Lo Taamod Al Dam Re'echa! Enough of this Purim madness.

I'm really angry. I've just seen something that makes my heart break and my blood boil.

Rabbis of the neighbourhood, Rabbis of the nation, you have to do something about this.

I was in the supermarket a few minutes ago. I waiting in line while a lady was passing her items through. She was very modestly dressed, both in the frum sense and also in the sense that suggested a truly humble lifestyle. When most of her items had been passed, she looked at the screen with the running total and asked the clerk to stop for a second as she'd already exceeded the amount of cash that she had with her for payment.

Although it's clearly none of my business, I couldn't help but notice that her basket was full of all types of snacks and things that are specially produced in bite sized amounts for the Purim season, for people to fill up their mishloach manos packages. There were also a number of household essentials.

She had a dilemma: What should she put back? What should she buy? She truly looked almost in a panic, and after a few moments of painful reflection she made her decision. She fished out a box of baby formula, a packet of minced chicken and a packet of fish something or other, and asked the clerk to put them aside and deduct their value from her bill!!!

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