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L' Zecher Nishmas of Mora Yolan bat R' Yoseph, R' Avraham Pessach ben YaakovPARSHAT PEKUDEI CHODESH TOV U MIVORACH......BE B SIMCHADear Challa bakers and ladies who daven for Klal Yisroel,We have special permission to present each week, a question from the clear andinformative book "Guidelines to Separating Challah and Candle Lighting " by Rabbis Y Jaeger & Elozor Barclay.(Feldheim)As a token of appreciation to the authors, don't hesitate to purchase this book for yourselves, friends, newlyweds.3. Does only bread require the separation of challah?No. Challah must be separated from any type of baked food made from certain types of flour, if a sufficiently large quantity is prepared (see Chapters Two and Five). This includes cakes, cookies, biscuits, matzo, etc.questions? email:guidelines@targum.comfor a REFUAH SHELAIMA (for a speedy & complete healing )RAPHAEL DOVID ben BROCHA HALEVITEHILLA bat BROCHAMALKA TOVA bat CHAYAMIRIAM RAIZEL bat SORA PESHA (continued remission till 120 yr)YISROEL NOACH ben HINDA (Ha Rav Noach Weinberg )ELISHEVA TAMAR bat RIVKAZEV ELIEZAR ben SHEINDELSHIRA bat ZOYALIEBA b-s NECHAMA MIRIAMBENTZIAN ben RUCHELRIVKA SARA bat CHANAAVICHAI ben RIVKA 35% burns, lung problems CRITICALTALIA bas YEHUDIT SHLOMIT 80% 2nd degree burns CRITICALINBAL bat SIMECHAYA bat BEYACHANA RACHEL bas EIDELBRACHA RACHEL bat SHAINDL NECHAMANACHUM AVRAHAM ben MIRIAMBATYA bas DVORAHMOSHE ben MIRIAMYECHIEL YEHUDA ben CHANA MIRELMOSHE YOEL ben SARA HENDELRACHEL LEAH bat CHAYA SARALEAH bat CHATOUNALTER CHANOCH ben CHAYA RIVKA LEAHNADAV ELIYAHU ben HADASSA - from last night's terror attackYONASON ben AVITAL - from last night's terror attackfor an EASY BIRTH:CHAYA TZIVIA bas SHEINA RACHELfor our CAPTURED SOLDIERS:PLEASE DAVEN ( that they should be released and be well)Gilad ben Aviva, Ehud ben Malka, Eldad ben Tova,Zecharia Shlomo ben Miriyam, Tzvi ben Pennina,Yechutiel Yehuda Nachum ben Sara, Guy Chaim ben Rina,Ron ben Batya and Yehonatan ben MalkaAs soon as the mixture becomes dough, separate the challa & say "Harai zu Challa -This is Challa" then say, YEHI RATZON in "ANENI," Feldheim pg.12, Ohel Sarahwomen's siddur, Artscroll or find it in "GUIDELINES," Questions and Answersabout the Laws of Separating Challa & Candle Lighting.Then pray for those in need.Use the time throughout the whole kneading and baking process to pray for yourfamily and for the needs of Klal Yisroel.MAY OUR CHALLAS TASTE LIKE GAN EDEN & MAY HASHEM ANSWER ALL OURPRAYERS FOR GOOD.MAY HASHEM BLESS US TO SEE THE GOOD EACH NESHAMA HAS DONEMAY WE LIVE TO SEE THE ARRIVAL OF MASHIACH ben DOVIDA WONDERFUL SHABBOS AND CHODESH TOV TO YOU ALL...Love,Chaya Malka and Nili Couzens--------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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